Practical Information

  • The yarn structure and texture shape of each carpet are different. Therefore, although similar, carpet-to-carpet cleaning and maintenance procedures also differ.
  • Open floor carpets show dirt more easily and are harder to clean. When choosing a carpet, it is useful to determine the ground color according to the condition of the place to be used. It should not be forgotten that all chemicals cause deformation on the carpet while removing the stain.
  • The stain on the carpet can be removed immediately and with the right intervention.
  • The liquid spilled on the carpet should be removed from the carpet with an absorbent cloth, paper towel or vacuum cleaner and treatment should be done according to the type of the spilled substance.
  • Stain removal process should be tried in an invisible part of the carpet with the chemical to be used in removing the stain.
  • Regular cleaning is essential for the carpet. Regular maintenance minimizes the visibility of dirt and stains, wear caused by dirt trapped in the carpet, ensures the appearance of the first day and prolongs the life of the carpet.
  • The entire surface of the carpet should be vacuumed with a powerful and preferably brushed vacuum cleaner, depending on the frequency of use of the carpet, at least twice daily or weekly. Sweeping should be done in the direction of lying of the pile threads of the carpet or with slow movements. In order to use the carpets for a long time, they should not be washed, whipped and beaten.
  • Do not use bleach like bleach when washing your rugs.
  • The carpet should be wiped clean with the foam obtained with a mixture of shampoo and water. In case of cleaning other than foam, permanent stains may occur on the carpet. It should not be forgotten that water is also a contaminant for carpets.
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