A First in the World from Crea Carpet

18 July 2019

Elifnur Mosque Carpets, which started its commercial activities as Elifnur Carpet in 2008 in Demirci of Manisa, advanced the carpet tradition of the region and became the leading company in the mosque carpet industry, realized a first in the world with the brand brand of Crea Carpet. Crea Chairman Kasim Kabak said that they were able to personalize an item such as carpets and that they were able to provide carpets to their customers as much as they wished.

‘We are personalizing’

Today, the construction sector is moving, but the competition is revived, said Kabak, "Houses have lost their similarity to each other. Domestic settlements have also become independent. fixed-measured placements for people are no longer satisfactory. This revealed the importance of special measurement in the furniture and carpet industry. The special measurement method and management principles that we are pioneering in the carpet industry have separated us from our competitors." Stating that its competitors do not change their products, Kasim Kabak said, "While they are transporting directly to the customer, we personalize the products".

15 collections 150 different patterns

Kasim Kabak, relying on themselves and their beliefs in innovation, said that they serve 700 active dealers with 150 patterns in their 15 collections, "Based on customer satisfaction, 7 thousand square meters of production area, 10 thousand square meters of stock area and 150 thousand square meters carpet we offer the highest quality service in 7 regions with its stock. Our management principles; quality-confidence, innovation, stock and speed. For detailed information, information can be obtained from the address," he said.

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